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breed information

Chinese Cresteds come in two varieties. The hairless and the Powerpuff. 

The temperament is happy, extremely in-tuned with their owners, versatile, very smarth and loving. 
Good socialization should be done early in age.

...the hairless

The hairless variety is the most commonly known when Chinese Crested comes to mind. Ideally, the hair  grows on the extremities. 

The hair on the head is called the "crest", the hair on the feet is called the "socks" and the hair on the tail is called the "plume". 

That being said, the hairless variety comes in deferent degrees of body hair.

A common example to use in order to easier get a mental picture if you will is to refer to men's beards...

  • Some sport a full thick beard (the hairly hairless)- (must shave to obtain a clean look),

  • Some have a medium amount (the medium/hairly hairless)-(must shave to obtain a clean look).

  • Some have a pattern (must shave to obtain a clean look) but on the other hand some only have just a few whiskers (no shaving needed or very little to tidy up).

As you may imagine, the look is very different, still all are hairless. 

The skin color can be from a solid black to spotted to almost white.  Generally Cresteds with lighter skin are more sensitive to the sun.  I use Neutrogena sunscreen spray on my kids when going for longer period of outdoor activities.

..picture examples coming soon

...the powderpuff

information coming soon

..picture examples coming soon

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