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about Crestars


Long long ago (1990), a happy-go-lucky, gentle, and kindhearted Powderpuff girl made
her way to my heart.


 "Goldie Girl(Razzmatazz Golden Edition) is the reason I've loved this beautiful breed
ever since... 
RIP good old girl...still, miss you.


My kennel name is based on a very simple concept.  Made with part of the word cresteds and being that I've always known they were going to become little stars, the combination of both words became my kennel name.
Being that Goldie made such an impression on me, I started researching the breed and bloodlines. I made numerous calls and was turned down by many as I was not experienced and I was unknown by all and lived far away.  However, a cute little hairless guy named Ziggy (Smokey Valley Kennel) made his way to our family.  Ziggy was quickly neutered and as with Goldie, both gave me many years of happiness as companions.  Then came Zowie (Babylon Kennel) who became my foundation female sort of speak.  As years went by and proved myself as a responsible owner, I added dogs from Woodlyn's Kennel,  bred to the popular Simba owned by Jewels Kennel as well as the beautiful Leo from Blandora kennel, and as well as Razzmatazz, Lemiz, and Mohawk.  Slowly but surely my breeding program established itself.  To this day, it has been and still is a true labor of love.  Numerous great lifelong friends have entered my life since as well.  Crestars dogs are behind many great dogs all over the world. testing
All breeding dogs are DNA tested (Paw Prints Genetics) and their eyes are certified yearly (local opthalmologist).


Currently showing in conformation shows (I recently received my 40-year CKC member pin). I recently started agility classes. In the past (and planning to participate soon again I participated in Rally and Obedience trials. I would also like to participate in scent detection and barn hunt. So many things this breed can excel at but so little time it seems.

...breeding frequency and registration papers
Usually once a year. ALL  our dogs get registered whether they are companions or show dogs.  Note: Please refer to this informative article from the  Canadian Kennel Club regarding purebred dog sales.

There isn't much to say about myself. As a whole, I am a pretty low-key person who enjoys my dogs, loves going tor hikes, and walks.  I love taking 15 million pictures of the dogs and my adventures.  I dabble with acrylic painting and recently became interested in jewelry creation as a hobby as well.  I am still employed full-time.  

Chinese Crested Goldie
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